EyelineGolf Speed Trap Review

EyelineGolf Speed Trap Review

The Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 is a newer release from Eyeline. Having had some experience with the original, I wanted to give the Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 a try to see if it is a helpful training aid. Another reason was because I received many requests to write the EyelineGolf Speed Trap review, so here it is!

The Eyeline claims to help golfers hit longer and straighter shots, and it’s a portable and simple-to-use golf training device. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with this product and think it could help if you want to learn how to hit different types of golf shots.

Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 Features

The Eyeline Speed Trap looks very much like a small hitting station. You can clearly see it’s an area where you can swing your club that is essentially guided and restricted by guide rods. The Speed Trap 2.0 features some improvements from the original models.

Learn To Fix Slice

One of the major reasons golfers slice the ball is an incorrect path into impact. To hit a straight shot, you will need a square clubface and a square path, and the Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 helps to make that happen. 

In addition, you can swing through the ball without having to worry about damaging your club or hitting an alignment stick to help you stay on the path.

Help To Hit A Draw or Fade

If you are working on trying to hit a draw or a fade, set the Speed Trap 2.0 to help you learn to manipulate the path of the golf club. Hitting a draw and fade can help when you get out to the course, and sometimes, all it takes is getting the feel down.

Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 review

Improved Alignment

Alignment lines on the Speed Trap 2.0 help you set up your target and ensure you are aimed at the correct location. The brighter alignment stripe on the 2.0 is very easy to see. 

Portable and Easy to Use

I was able to bring the carry bag with the zippered pouch with me to the range, and it was lightweight and easy to transport. In addition, the new model has a tether on the guide rod, so you won’t be chasing them around the range should you come into contact with a rod.

Wide Enough To Use With Driver

Finally, feel free to use this Speed Trap 2.0 to help with your driver or irons; it’s wide enough to accommodate both.

How To Use It?

Who is The EyeLine Speed Trap 2.0 For?

The Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 can work for a wide range of golfers. However, it seems to be most beneficial for those who have mid to high handicaps and struggle with controlling the path of the golf club. 

If you are not sure if your club is coming over the top or if it’s a little under the plane, the Eyeline can really help. Maybe you have tried this with alignment sticks or clubs on the ground, but 

Eyeline is a safe and effective way to improve your club path.

Final Thoughts After The EyelineGolf Speed Trap Review

The EyeLine Speed Trap 2.0 is a great training aid. I love this tool as a way to warm up and check on my club path to see if I’m on track. In addition, it’s a good solution for helping gain confidence through impact. I enjoy using the Eyeline to help with ball direction, how to hit a fade and a draw, and to improve overall ball flight.

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