Rypstick review - I reviewed the golf distance training tool

Rypstick Review – Do You Really Gain Distance?

Are you a golfer who understands the importance of speed? Speed is not just about hitting a long drive off the tee; it’s about having a pitching wedge instead of a 6 iron into the green! The Rypstick is a training aid to help gain speed that claims to work for any golfer. I recently tested the Rypstick to see if it had any benefits for my game. 

Rypstick Key Features

At first glance, the Rypstick seems as though it’s like any other speed training device. It looks a bit like a weighted club, but I found that there are more features and benefits than I originally realized. 

It comes with different weight combinations to change the settings and train with different weights as you improve your swing speed.

You can follow their program and personalize the training based on your golf swing and speed.

rypstick weights and other parts of the product

Work On Speed Anywhere 

The Rypstick is a portable device, and you don’t have to hit a golf ball to use it. Therefore, this works in your office, living room, or on the driving range. Portability and versatility are key features I look for in golf training aids. 

Swing Analysis 

The Rypstick comes with a free swing analysis. You can get a free custom swing analysis that gives you a few drills that are specific to your improvement. This feature helps the Rypstick to stand out from other options on the market. 

Free Training App 

A free training app is included, and for me, this helped the Rypstick to be a really good addition to my practice routine. The app gives you step-by-step guidance on how to take this simple weighted device and turn it into real distance on the golf course. 

The app contains detailed video breakdowns of everything you need to know to increase your speed and get longer distances from the tee. These drills and videos are great for gaining consistency, hitting longer shots, and becoming a stronger overall player. 

Different Weight Combinations 

The Rypstick comes with 8 different weight combinations. You can use the included training app to make sure you are progressing through the training process correctly and adding weight as you should. 

It’s a simple system to follow, and it works! 

Rypstick Comparison To Other Competitors

rypstick review and comparison to other golf distance training aids

Who Is The Rypstick For? 

One of the things I love about Rypstick is that it works for any golfer. Whether you are a new player or have been in the game for years, you can benefit from what the Rypstick has to offer. Having too much speed is certainly not an issue for golfers, so you can use the Rypstick even as you improve. 

Final Thoughts: What I Love About Rypstick 

The Rypstick is a versatile training aid that helps you gain speed the right way. So many players go out to the course and just try to start swinging harder. This is completely unnecessary. Learn to increase speed the right way so you can use it to hit straighter and more consistent shots on the golf course. 

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