The Nick Faldo powerplane masterclass review

Nick Faldo Power Plane MasterClass Review

I’ve always enjoyed watching Nick Faldo play golf. He’s been a true competitor from the start, and he certainly knows how to strike a golf ball. As Faldo’s time on the course started to decrease, he got into commentating and taught us more about what works and what doesn’t for golfers. I recently tried Nick Faldo’s Power Plane Master Class, an online instructional program, to see if I could learn anything and improve my distance off the tee. 

Power Plane MasterClass Key Features

Before you invest in the PowerPlane MasterClass, I encourage you to take a look at the information that Faldo offers regarding what this class will be about. I was surprised by how much information he gave, even prior to investing in the online training program. 

Hidden Power Plane

The hidden power plane is a factor in every golfer’s game that Faldo finds to be underutilized. He gives the example of Jon Rahm, Dustin Johnson, and Bryson DeChambeau, all having their clubs on different planes. 

However, when you compare these golfers side by side, their shoulders, hips, and knees are all locked into the same plane. 

Of course, this hidden piece of information is helpful, but without signing up for the class, you will miss out on the drills and instructions to pull it off. 

Drills and Instruction 

With the Power Plane MasterClass, you get the 60-Second Power Plane Drill that can add a lot of distance to your game. As long as you are an avid golfer with the ability to rotate and swing the club, you can handle the Power Plane Drill. 

The drill claims to add up to 30 yards off the tee and make you a more consistent ball striker. 

Nick Faldo powerplane masterclass review swing examples

Faldo Fitness Secrets 

When purchasing the Power Plane MasterClass, I also got access to Faldo Fitness Secrets, a home workout routine that helps you complete exercises specific to golf. The exercises work on the large muscles needed to capitalize on the hidden power plane and grab those extra yards. 

Who Is The Power Plane MasterClass For? 

After working with the Power Plane MasterClass instructional videos and drills, I can tell you that this is for the mid to high handicap golfer that lacks power in their golf game.

If you are someone who sees a ball flight that trails off to the right each time and you just can’t capitalize on your total distance, the Power Plane MasterClass will help. You will feel like you are finally flushing those drives.

Final Thoughts: What I Love About Power Plane MasterClass

Not every golfer can pick up a swing training aid and teach themselves the proper moves. In addition, golf lessons can become very costly. With the MasterClass, you learn something entirely new, gain power, and have lifetime access to the videos so you can continue to increase your knowledge and understanding as your game progresses. 

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