Straight Stick Review Of golf swing trainer tool

Straight Stick Review – Scam Or Legit Swing Training Tool?

Golf swing trainers should be simple and effective. When you have the right swing trainer, you can gain on-course confidence, get your club in the perfect position, and become a more consistent golfer. The Straight Stick is an automatic swing trainer that I have tested to see which golfers it is best for, why you may enjoy it, and whether or not it works. Here is what I found. 

Straight Stick Key Features 

The Straight Stick looks a lot like a standard 7 iron or driver, and it comes in versions for both left and right-handed golfers. The entire concept of the Straight Stick is to help you hit straighter, more accurate golf shots. 

Adjustable AccuGrip

The adjustable AccuGrip lets you set your hands into the perfect position on your golf club. If you get a little lazy with the grip or create a stronger or weaker grip than necessary, the AccuGrip gets you right back into place. 

Audible Feedback 

The audible feedback occurs to let you know that you are increasing speed and timing the release of the golf club at the perfect point.  One of the best things about audible feedback is that it occurs as you swing. There is no delay, and this ensures quicker learning. 

Works With and Without Golf Balls 

Another great feature of the Straight Stick is its ability to use it on and off the golf course. As long as you have clearance to swing, you can benefit from using the Straight Stick. In fact, I found the greatest benefit was keeping the Straight STick within reach and grabbing it to take a few swings each day. 

Proper Release Timing 

The Straight Stick lets you know that you have released the golf club. The audio feedback ensures that your timing is correct and that you are maximizing your distance potential. In addition, the Compression Clicker technology lets you set the device to your personal swing speed. 

Customization in training aids can be hard to find, but the Straight Stick has it. 

Improved Clubface Control 

Finally, by working with the Straight Stick frequently and learning to properly time your release and your contact, your clubface control will increase. The angle of your golf clubface at impact tremendously affects the type of golf shots you can hit. 

Open clubfaces cause slices and closed clubfaces cause hooks. Expect to see much lower dispersion rates by working with the Straight Stick. 

Who Is The Straight Stick For?

After testing Straight Stick, I found that this tool is best for golfers who are looking to improve core mechanics and improve overall accuracy in their game. High to mid-handicappers will appreciate the newfound ability to hit the center of the green with full confidence. You may start with the Straight Stick in the iron design and find that the results have you looking more accurate off the tee as well. 

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Final Thoughts: What I Love About Straight Stick

The Straight Stick helps you learn with virtually no learning curve. Simply hold this as you do any other golf club in your bag, swing it, and then make it click at impact. Each time you do, you know you made a great shot. If accuracy is an issue for you, try the Straight Stick.

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